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Litelec - Discount Priced Halogen Bulbs and Electrical Accessories

We stock an extensive selection of halogen light bulbs, and specialise in G9 and GU10 bulbs, where our prices are as competitive as you will find anywhere online. All our halogen bulbs are high quality, and will last far longer than standard incandescent bulbs, making them ideal for situations where replacing bulbs regularly can prove difficult and expensive. We offer bulbs to fit many different adapters, and they are available in standard and coloured versions.

Why Are Halogen Bulbs Better?

The halogen gas contained inside each bulb gives them unique properties. When heated, the gas reacts with the filament vapours and allows them to return tungsten back the the filament. This 'filament regeneration' effect allows the bulbs to last much longer. The quartz that encases the tungsten filament also allows the halogen bulbs to run at a higher temperature, which produces more light.

Why Buy Halogen Bulbs from Litelec?

Whether you are buying halogen bulbs, or any of our other light fittings, we strive to deliver your order within 72 hours - usually sooner. Our prices are amnongst the lowest you will find online, or in the high street, so you are guaranteed to get a great deal, and superb value for money.

  • Over 1000 different Light bulbs!
  • Very Competitive prices!
  • 35 years experience!

If you do not see the lamp or bulb you need for sale on our website, just e-mail Harry: harry@greenwoodlighting.co.uk we have probably got it in stock


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